RED56 software agency.

We're based in London and we work with technology owners who need their software to be supported, extended, and kept fresh, but without the costs of a full-time fully-sized team.

Our main working mantra is software quality enabled through testing (TDD, BDD, documentation), crisp prioritization of both user and business needs, and efficient communications between ourselves and our clients / other technical teams.

We've built publishing systems for corporates, custom ad servers and tracking servers for ad agencies, done code reviews and process consultancy for software owners, and built MVPs for startups.

We're currently focusing on providing ongoing budget-constrained product management, software development, and support for business-critical bespoke software for a small number of clients.

We've just moved to Studio 20, Containerville, 35 Corbridge Crescent, London E2 9EZ, UK.
Drop in or get in contact: Read more about founder Tim Diggins.